Contribution of CHROMATOTHERAPY in the treatment of eye diseases 


Chromatotherapy is a technique which utilises the visible spectrum (colours) of rays to treat diseases, according to a strict protocol, which is based on both medical and energy diagnostics.

The basis of this therapy is scientific and mathematic.  


Chromatotherapy is based on the works of Dr Christian Agrapart.

The starting point - found in ancient texts - is that in terms of the human body, the same proportion of elements are absorbed through the skin as through the digestive tract; a type of visible spectrum (colours) of rays, which always result in the same type of reactions in the body.

Consultation and treatment

Consultation and treatment involve the following:

 a). Medical and ophthalmic diagnosis

 b). Determining the type of treatment according to the disease and energy field

 c). Start of treatment

→ either topically (direct chromatotherapy)

→ or generally (ocular chromatotherapy)

→ or at the acupuncture point (acupuncture point chromatotherapy) which will have quite an effect on the energy field type 

Practical information

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