Malagnou Eye Center: Dr J.-M. Schepens, an eye specialist to listen to your needs.

Based in Geneva, the Dr Jean-Marc Schepens Eye Clinic receives around 500 patients each month, who consult it for various different visual abnormalities. After carrying out different eye examinations, we form a diagnosis and offer you tailored therapeutic treatment.

The team who will care for you is made up of:

♦ our secretary, Helen, who answers your calls and welcomes you to our practice 

♦ our qualified orthoptist

♦ Dr Jean-Marc Schepens, graduated with a medical degree at UCL (Louvain) and at the University of Geneva. He is an FMH certified specialist in ophthalmology and eye surgery. He holds a degree in chromatotherapy and chromapuncture (Dr Christian Agrapart, Paris)

Dr Schepens is also a member of various associations such as:

♦ The Swiss Society of Ophthalmology

♦ The French Society of Ophthalmology

♦ The American Academy of Ophthalmology

♦ The American Society of Cataract X Refractive Surgery

♦ The European Society of Retina and Vitrius (Scientific Societies)

♦ The Belgian Medical Board 

♦ Medical Association of the Canton of Geneva

♦ F.M.H.

♦ CEREC (European Centre for Research on Energy and Colour)

Contact us for an appointment at our eye practice, and together we will find the solution to your visual impairment!

Practical information

Rue Adrien-Lachenal 26 1207 Geneva