Ophthalmology and chromatotherapy

… are the specialties of Dr J.-M. Schepens's Eye Clinic in Geneva.

Eye and visual field examinations ...

… in order to form a clear diagnosis of your impaired eyesight

Treatment methods tailored to your medical condition ...

… will be considered at Dr J.-M. Schepens's Eye Clinic in Geneva.

Diagnosis and examinations

Various means are available at the Dr Jean-Marc Schepens Eye Clinic for a reliable diagnosis

Eye examination at the practice

Clinical examination - Eye Clinic - Dr Jean-Marc SCHEPENS -First we ask clinical questions, then we carry out a clinical examination.





Examination of eyesight - Eye Clinic - Dr Jean-Marc SCHEPENS - GeExamination of visual field - Eye Clinic - Dr Jean-Marc SCHEPENAssessment of vision: intraocular pressure is taken with a tonometer.


Visual field assessment 



Assessment of visual field - Eye Clinic - Dr Jean-Marc SCH

Assessment of visual field - Eye Clinic - Dr Jean-Marc SC
According to Goldman According to Humphrey


The anterior chamber

These examinations will reveal the various medical conditions in terms of eyesight disorders and the corneal topography.

Their treatment will be discussed under the heading of our services.

The posterior chamber

Analysis of the posterior segment - Eye Clinic - Dr JM SchepensIt is analysed using a three-mirror lens and indirect ophthalmoscopy.



angiography - Eye practice - Dr JM Schepens - GenevaFluorescein angiography



Following our diagnosis at the practice, it may be decided to conduct more in-depth investigations, which will be carried out at the clinic.



Scanning laser opthalmoscopy and ophthalmic computerised tomography (OCT)



OPHTHALMIC COMPUTERISED TOMOGRAPHY - JM Schepens - OphthalmologistAngiographic diagnosis addition, this examination is essential for certain differential diagnoses.






Biometry - JM Schepens - Eye practice - GenevaBiometry is used for measuring the axial length of the eye, in order to calculate the power of the lens implant required to replace the lens (refer to the paragraph Cataracts under the heading of "Visual abnormalities").

Practical information